Flag Karma

2016-01-04 15.25.09

Kensington, Maryland, January 4, 2016 — I got myself in big trouble the other day.  The Christmas season was over and it was time to change the banner we habitually fly from our front porch.  More on how much trouble I’m in a minute.

I didn’t give the next flag much thought.  We have so many that I usually just grab one that is seasonal and we haven’t flown in awhile.

We have a storage container full of awesome banners. In total there are more than two dozen. We get them from master flag makers Carole and Mark Bisgrove in Massachusetts.  Some we’ve had for 20 years.  They are indestructible.

By way of full disclosure, Mark and I fished together as kids in the Ashland, Mass. reservoir when I’d pay an occasional summer visit to my cousins who lived across the street.  More on Carole and Mark’s flags here.http://bisgrove.com/

We have flags for national holidays, special occasions and, of course, all four seasons.  There are swans, hot air balloons, party hats, first day of school, three for Christmas, daffodils, iris, swans, dancing elephants, Star Trek and so it goes.

We always change our flags at least monthly, but at times we change them almost weekly.  We have so many because our original intent was to fly them both front and back.

So, why am I in trouble?

Wife teased me by drolly noting that the forecast changed second I put up the Old Man Winter flag.  In an instant the weather forecast went from Indian summer and daily highs in the 60s to a low tomorrow of 14F with winter mix showing up twice in the 10-day forecast. Jeez!

Maybe if I’d but up the blazing sun, mother nature might have taken the hint.  Sorry ’bout that.

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